Carrie Giunta and Adrienne Janus (eds)

Nancy and Visual Culture  Edinburgh University Press

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A Question of Listening: Nancean resonance, return and relation in Charlie Chaplin | in: Nancy and Visual Culture | Edinburgh University Press | 2016

Community in Fragments: Reading relation in the fragments of Heraclitus | in: Global Community?  Rowman & Littlefield | 2015

The Early Development of Sound in Hollywood Cinema |in:Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood Vol. 2 | Intellect Books | 2013

United Artists | in: Directory of World Cinema: American Independent Vol. 2 | Intellect Books | 2013


From refugee child to political artist: what makes MIA so controversial? | Public Reading Rooms | 24 September 2018

How to stop weapons of mass destruction aimed at Africa| Pambazuka News |29 September 2016

Who won the battle of New York in World War One? No Glory in War | 29 July 2016

Do protest songs work? Ten inspiring songs for the fight against austerity | International Times | 20 June 2015

Follow the minerals: Why the US is threatened by Venezuela’s ‘blue gold’ | teleSUR English | 01 May 2015

Brandzac Day: Biscuits, hoodies and Anzac branding on the Gallipoli centenary | No Glory in War | 24 April 2015

How Muhammad Ali broke the dam between sport and anti-war politics | Stop the War | 17 October 2014

Ten hip-hop tracks that demand freedom for Palestine Electronic Intifada | 7 September 2014

White feather or bowler hat? Charlie Chaplin and the first world war | No Glory in War | 4 May 2014

Blood Coltan: Remote-controlled warfare and the demand for strategic minerals | Pambazuka | 21 November 2013


The Future of Whiteness by Linda Alcoff Martín | Times Literary Supplement | 8 January 2016

The universal is back | 'About Europe: Philosophical hypotheses' by Denis Guénoun | Radical Philosophy  vol 192 | 2015

Rotten in Kaliningrad | 'Africa, Asia, and the History of Philosophy: Racism in the Formation of the Philosophical Canon, 1780–1830' by Peter K J Park  Radical Philosophy | vol 184 | 2014

Don Juan, Singing in the Rain, Pretty in Pink, It's a Wonderful Life, film reviews | Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood, Vol. 2 | 2013

Living in Oblivion, The Player, Noise, The New Age, film reviews | Directory of World Cinema: American Independent Vol. 2  | 2013

The First Hollywood: Florida and the Golden Age of Silent Filmmaking by Shawn C Bean | Film-Philosophy  vol 17 | 2013

Encyclopedia of Early Cinema edited by Richard Abel | Film-Philosophy | vol 15 | 2011

Jarhead, film review | Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood Vol. 1  Intellect Books | 2011

Beyond the Soundtrack: representing music in cinema | Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television | 2010


Jeremy Corbyn: Anti-war movement has been a vital force at the heart of our democracyStop the War  15 December 2015

Emergency die-in and protest in Parliament Square as MPs debate and vote on bombing Syria | Stop the War | 2 December 2015

Don’t Bomb Syria national day of action | Stop the War | 29 November 2015

The anti-war report from Left Forum 2015 in New York | Stop the War | 3 June 2015


Jean-Luc Nancy and the Harlem Tiger | Edinburgh University Press blog | guest blog | June 2016

What does Dodd-Frank have to do with ESG? | Paul Ellis Consulting | guest blog | June 2015

Music Against War | Editor, anti-war song list | Stop the War | 2013–16

Engendering Dialogue: feminist thought and contemporary debates in art, science, and education | blog editor | 2011–12


European Roundup | CAS Quarterly: The official quarterly of the Cinema Audio Society | 2008


A Question of Listening: Nancean resonance and listening in the work of Charlie Chaplin | doctoral thesis | University of Dundee | Scotland | 2013